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the new adventures of 273 by colemantrebor33

Created 25 Aug 2013
  • the new adventures of 273

this is the 4th part of my miniseries 273 is here. i`d like to thank cimpan1 legoking, dodge9522. here it is last time we left 273,the notorious darth bane was ruler of the sith,now overthrown he is now in jail. hey 273 asked luke where do we go to get to the hive? what hive? luke asked the geonosian hive. they were on a mission to capture poggle the lesser, a separatist leader.little did the two know of what lie ahead. here we are, 273. and look the mandolorinal are here to, look at that one its silver. oh its impossible,is it the jango fett? to be continued

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