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new miniseries bio: Commander Doomsday by akar222

Created 05 Sep 2013
  • new miniseries bio: Commander Doomsday

note: sorry i havent been posting: busy. finaly! my second bio for the two main characters of the upcoming action miniseries, "The Superior Squad"! This is Akar's bestfriend, Commander Doomsday! (named after a good but very sad Doctor Who episode) anyway, here is his bio! name: Doomsday rank: Clone Commander weapon of choice: Two mini blasters date of birth: Star Wars time: 7/21/? BBY. Earth time: 2/28/2013 C.E. best friend: Jedi Knight Akar (if you have not seen Akar's bio yet, click the "thesuperiorsquad" or "tss" tag to read it!) i know i said the first episode would come out a few weeks after Akar's bio, but i got busy. it will come soon! possibly even tommorow!

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