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Closing in on my Vermintech cofounder qu by gkreye

Created 08 Oct 2013
  • Closing in on my Vermintech cofounder qu

The time has come...........the quota is in my reach! Starting today, "Operation: Quota or Bust" has become active! I have only 18 creations before I hit the jackpot......100 creations, which is the Vermintech cofounder quota! Every day I will try to post at least 1 creation. Once I hit 100, the operation is a success! Then I will have to check with Waros about my raise! (not a real raise, though.) I should also rank up to co-president! Exciting? Hold it! I'm not done yet!!! I will try to finish the Exorcist by November 23! The colossal battle cruiser will update with each phase of development. On the edge of your seat? This will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF! I'm holding the 1st annual Vermintech Employee Super Contest, open to Vermintech employees only! Create the best product and WIN BIG! 1st place gets......... a rank up to Supervisor! That means you don't get ordered around, you GET to order lower-rankers around! Plus, no more work, just SUPERVISING! If 1st place is Supervisor or higher..... Factory Manager is in your sights! Control one whole factory for your job! (Not open to Factory Manager or higher, 2nd annual contest will mark all employees being able to participate.) 2nd Place? MURAL! Gets you into the Vermintech Hall of Fame! If you already are, you get a rank up! 1st Place can get into Hall of Fame too! And 3rd...............A 3-day Vacation! Spend some time off, just for being a great employee! 2nd and 1st place get a vacation too! (2nd place gets 1 week, 1st gets 2 weeks) Remember, it all starts today! October 7th is for now on is the annual date for the Vermintech Employee Super-Contest! DEADLINE NOVEMBER 31, RESULTS ANNOUNCED DECEMBER 3. Employees, take advantage of this and HIT THE JACKPOT! I will soon do so too! DISCLAIMER: one creation per person. Tag "vtechannucontest". Have fun! (If you post 2 creations, both are OUT. Non-tagged are also not registered. Both LDD and real-life accepted.) -Dr. Zigantiumus

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