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HE WILL STRIKE- DEMO by blazer6284

Created 15 Sep 2013

Many of my stories have be rejected, sorry if i haven't post anything in a few weeks. Now here is my new series: HE WILL STRIKE. This is the first part of my story, the full story will be made in a couple of days. Enjoy!. CHAP 1 DEMO- THE DAY IT ALL HAPPENED.It was a cold Friday night in the prison. I threw a little rock at my cell door and catched it when it came bouncing off the wall. I could still remembered the day i set foot in this prison cell. I knew i was innocent but the people said i was guilty of stealing 50,000 credits. I wanted to have revenge on the man that destroyed my house and my car but i had to stay in this dark cell for 10 years. I looked at the chains that were wrapped around my legs from me breaking out. I haven't even tried to escape. I knew that somewhere in the world, the same man that ruined my life would be laughing at me right now. I clenched my hands in anger and had said to my self," he will pay" in a small, angry voice.

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