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A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.4 (1) by Cimpan12

Created 25 Aug 2013
  • A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.4 (1)

A LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY.... "ALANA!"Vordial was furious. "Yes!"Alana asked jumping out of her chair. "I asked you a question,"Vordial gave her his famous "death stare". Vordial looked like a sweet old man, with his pretty blue eyes and all, but when it came dow to school he was probably the most strict teacher in the whole entire galaxy! "I- uh,"Alana sighed,"I wasn't listening,Master Vordial." "Day dreaming?" Alana looked at the floor and shook her head. "Ah!You were sitting idle,eh?" "Not really-" Brinnnnggg! "Lunch break!"Vordial told the class. The whole class made their way to the door. "Alana, you will stay here,I have to talk to you." Alana took her seat again and tried to ignore her growling stomach. "Alana, you have shown great talent,"Vordial began to say. "Obviously, I mean to have skipped 2 levels at the temple?I never heard that before!"Alana thought to herself. "But you haven't been paying much attention to your classes lately,"Vordial continued to say. "Not my fault you teach stuff I know!"Alana thought to herself,if she didn't know what Vordial was capable of doing, she would have told him what she was thinking. "If you know so much then I believe that it is time to leave you alone for a week." Alana gasped,"What am I suppose to do for the whole week?" "I have talked to the council and they thought it would be a good idea that you monitor the Chancelor's office for the week,"Vordial explained. Alana was half scared, half excited.A whole week of protecting Palpatine's office?By herself?It would be an awesome adventure if someone tries to attack the Chancellor and Alana must save him!But what if the threat is too big?What if she fails?What on earth will the Jedi do to her?Could she continue her training or would she be expelled from the temple? "I just received news that another Padawan will be joining you on this mission,"Vordial said. Alana had been so lost in thought that she hadn't noticed that Vordial had been talking with Mace Windu and a boy. "His name is Jax,"Vordial said he put his hands on the boys shoulders. Alana looked at the boy, he had brown eyes and wavy light brown hair. "Hi,"Alana said. "Whats up?"Jax replied. Alana figured he was about her friend Samelo's age, 13. "Well you two better start packing cause you are both leaving first thing tomorrow!"Vordial told them. The 2 padawans then left the room and began to talk about their mission. Little did Alana know that this trip would change her life forever. ***************************************************************** TO BE CONTINUED ***************************************************************** A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Kotoya! I have been working on this episode since Thursday so I am soo excited to have finally be able to post the first part! This episode is a special with 8 parts to it, and I have a new announcement, I will post 2 parts to this special episode every day. Well, that's all for now! Oh and MODs! Please keep the spacing the same, thanks! Don't let today bring you down, there's always gonna be a brighter day, so smile cause, there's always gonna be a brighter time. God bless!- Sky-guy/Jar-jar/Cimpan12

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