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My Mini Series by JediWizzard

Created 23 Sep 2013
  • My Mini Series

Hey guys this will be my first mini series ever! I hope you will all like what I post for the next few weeks, so I will write the first chapter today! here it is: :) down there! Chapter 1: Base 05.... Time 3:00 am somewear on kamino... it was a full moon that night on the ever storming Kamino, clouds wrere dominating the sky abouve us. And the sound of waves crashing against each other wrere every whear, rain was gently falling on the roof of Base 05... Kicks awoke to the sound of all this... "Ancor, are you awake? he asked quietly... as if not to wake the others. "Yes, I am now... said I, My name is Ancore, I am the commander of our squad... we are the Gray cloud squadren... we were sent to kamino to protect the forming clones from droid attacks... "Sir? Why was it us who were sent here? Why not the others?" Kicks sat up as he said all of this, he was not the one to interrupt a good solders sleep, but when he had a question... he coulden't keep his mouth shut untill it was answered... "Because were the only ones from base 05 that know the grounds better than anyone else here, do you remember the first time kamino was attacked by the sepretist? we were all as scared as a pak of jawas in a Tuskan Raider camp..." I had never been tatooeen, but who doesen't know about jawas and tuskan raiders??? Kicks laid back down and said: "Yes, I know but why can't we be the normal troops?" hearing this I sat strait up... "What do you mean by that?" I asked... "Well, we are the ones that get called in when there are threats to a sertain place or person, why can't we be on the front lines?" this brought to my attention that a man from my squad was feeling un important... "Kicks, I asked... are you- BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! red lights started to flash off every whear, Every man out of his bunk! Cried I, There is not a secnd to lose! men were all grabing thier guns and armor...shout were comming from everyone... sudenly an ther was an explosion, it came from the south hall... "all men to arms!" I called out... "kicks, kicks? Whaer is he I wonderd... "KICKS? WHEAR ARE YOU?!?" I cried. "Over her sir!" I scanned the bunker for Kicks, but i couldem'tsee him... "Sir, Over here!" he cried... then just as I saw him.... a detnader rolled across the floor to him... he looked at the floor wear it lay, then looked up at me and knelt down quickly... I called to him, "Kicks! don't you dare do it!" He picked up the detnader, looked at all the men running about.. not noticing what he was about to do... kicks grabed the detonator and hugged it tightly to his chest a yelled out "For the rebublic!" he ran down the south hall where countless crys were comming from... droids burst through the hull and came face to face with a very determond clone... Kicks looked at the droids and glanced down at the detonator which had about 3 seonds left on it... he looked back up to the droids and said: "Sorry, times up." as he said this he lept right into the middle of all the droids tightend his grpp on the detonator and closed his eyes... the droids all looked down at this clone and blew up... i cried out on terror at what had just happend, I fear I may have just lost Kicks... --TO BE CONTINUED--

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