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Plz Read! by Jediknight928

Created 09 Apr 2014
  • Plz Read!

This is my final trailer before the next episode. [ tell me! No I can't you'll understand when your older. Understand!? I should at least try to understand now! Calm down. Your hiding something from me and I know it! I said no,go to your quarters! But.. That's an order! Why won't you tell me! I'm done with this talk. You don't trust me is that it?! No I was just.. You were following orders huh? Yeah I didn't choose not to tell you. Does master Kenobi know? Yes.. the council believes that.. What about what I believe or all of us that have no word in this war?! You have to honor the councils word. Honor?! Where is the honor in fighting for something that has nothing to do with peace?! Peace is our goal and you know that, that's why we joined this war. Yes but this war ever end and what happens to us and the clones they have no choice at all, they are still people. I don't know but we'll find out when this ends, now get some rest we have a battle to prepare for. Yes master.] hoped you liked it. conversation between Anikan and main character. I need help with next ep. she gets her new master but what else should happen?

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