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BDC miniseries: Nexu attack by legowars2000

Created 25 Jun 2014
  • BDC miniseries: Nexu attack

We cocked our blasters. "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." Said Redrip. "How did those nexu get on the ship?!" I shouted. "And I think the AF is involved with these beasts." Said Packer. The three nexu pounced on us. We were shooting at them, however they were fast, and we couldn't get them. "Bull's eye!" Joked Mix, as he eliminated one. Another nexu jumped on Redrip. The nexu had left him with a big scar. He shot it finally. "There's just one more left." Said Ghost. "Leave this to me." I told him. I slashed the nexu in half with my darksaber. We could hear the landing. "We're here." I said. "Time to take action." We got out of the BDC star cruiser. W.O.L.F elites were everywhere. We found the doorway, we looked both ways for any enemies, and placed detonators all over the doorway. W.O.L.F elites found us. "We're doomed." Whimpered Packer.

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