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New Miniseries by B0802

Created 21 Aug 2014
  • New Miniseries

Hey guys! I am working on a new miniseries. If you didn't know, my character, Cathein Stormer Fett is the son of Jango Fett. In my head , for years, I've been figuring my character into the story of Star Wars. Now its time I put it into reading form. This miniseries will write what happened before the years of the Iron Wolves. When Boba went from the Republic to go with his older brother, DK. (This is what his name was changed to) Its basically what happened. I will try to include as much humor that will fit in it and not make it a comedy show. If you guys have any ideas for the name of this, I'd like to hear them! :D Dats it for now so I'll see you guys when I all see you guys!

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