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More customs! :) by Legoking5500

Created 21 Oct 2013
  • More customs! :)

These are three Jedi's I did. From left to right, First off there's the daring Jedi master... Lence Gaden. With his two, double sided lightsabers, this Jedi is fast and wins most of his battles by his speed. He started training at 5 and worked his way up. Second, is this young lady sith who's strength is toughness. She can handle many things that the average Jedi cant. Her name is Sandar. and then finally, Tahn (Ton) Kenobi. The Father Obi Wan's cousin. His ability with a lightsaber is stunning! And with 2?! he is one of the most feared Jedi's in the galaxy! His strongest ability is using the force to move his own body in flips and jumps. :) Hope you like it! -King.

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