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Preview to my new miniseries! by brickninja105

Created 31 Jan 2014
  • Preview to my new miniseries!

You don't know what it's like to be an outcast from society……. Oh wait, you don't know the story yet. I'm Bravo, A weapons specialist. Me and my squad became outcasts and now were trying to survive…. do you have what it takes to survive? But if i'm gonna tell the story straight, i'm gonna tell it from the beginning……… Gotta make it, Bravo thought as he ran through the halls. It's been a week since he's eaten the jogan fruit pie in the cafeteria. His stomach rumbled as if saying: Run faster you bantha! THUD! Bravo ran into his best friend Charlie, who was also rushing to get the pie. "Dude, what the- Why!!" Charlie exclaimed as he picked up his blaster. the two ran off to the cafeteria. They finally got there and quickly realized how many people like pie. "Well," Bravo mumbled."there goes that idea." "Tell me about it." said a voice behind them. Bravo turned around to see his platoon leader Delta. Charlie quickly saluted. Delta smacked Charlie's arm. "No fair." he said. "Come on," Charlie said. " I think I know a Place that isn't crowded." He pointed toward a dark hallway at the end of the room half covered by a fake fridge. The three bolted toward it. Charlie pushed it out of the way and entered the hallway. Delta turned on his helmet light, and revealed that the hallway hasn't been used for a long time. They turned to the cracked red light with the words: CHARLIE'S SECRET FOOD STACHE. Bravo could feel his stomach rumble even louder. " What is that?" Charlie asked, "Did someone eat some bad dip?" Then opened the door……. If you wan't me to make it a miniseries, just say it in the comments.

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