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Roleplay is almost up... Updated rules.. by agentsky1022

Created 21 Sep 2013
  • Roleplay is almost up... Updated rules..

The roleplay is almost ready to continue. In the meantime, here are the new rules.---Making a character and making locations is the same as in the old creation. Except: 1. Your character cannot start out as a Jedi. 2. You have to put an extra thing in your bio: Force ability. It starts at zero, but there are some ways to boost it (see later on)---Rules for location text is the same, except: 1. The Coruscant text no longer applies. 2. You may create stores without having them be approved by me. But you cannot have any items that have different prices for different people. IT HAS TO COST THE SAME FOR EVERYONE.---NEW JEDI RULES: 1. A MASTER is a Knight of at least thirty force ability. 2. AN APPRENTICE is a user of less ability than their MASTER, but is not yet a Knight. 3. A Knight is a former apprentice with at least five force ability less than Master. 4. For one action, a master can be attached to an apprentice. However, both the master and the apprentice have to use one action. After that, the apprentice is being trained by the master. He remains being trained by the master until becoming a knight or if the master is smashed. Each day that ends with the master and apprentice being in the same location boosts the Apprentice's ability by one. 5. Each time a user who is an apprentice, knight, or master uses their lightsaber to smash an undefended user, they loose five force ability. A negative force ability represents Dark Side ability.---Teams (inspired by Luke's roleplay): A player can start a team for one action. They become captain of that team/affiliation. A player at the same location as the captain can ask to join. If the captain agrees, they can enter the team for one action. The captain may choose to kick anybody off the team for one action per user, though this is not recommended. Whenever there is five people (including the captain) on a team, it becomes an affiliation, and nobody can join until it reverts to a team (like when somebody is kicked off or smashed without respawning). The Captain may disband the team/affiliation for one action. After this, the captain is no longer a captain, and the team/affiliation no longer exists.---BATTLES, ATTACKS, AND DUELS. If everybody in an affiliation is at a location together, the captain can do battle with as many people there who are non-affiliated as he wants, for one action per user. After that, nobody involved in the battle can leave the location until the end of the day, unless respawning at their homeworld. After the day is over, the battle is canceled. The users invloved in the battle earn three credits for each other user in their affiliation/team who was not smashed in the battle. IF they are not on an affil/team, they earn two credits if they were not smashed. An ATTACK however, is different. In an attack, one single user may attack another single user for one action. Until the attack is over, neither user may leave the location. If one player is smashed, the attack ends and the other player earns three credits. A DUEL is the same, except both players have a lightsaber, and the credits earned are +2.---Other things: Each player has five actions per day, Six is they are in a team, seven if in an affiliation.---Hope you like these advanced rules. I'll get the roleplay back up and running VERY SOON.

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