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Survival: The Plan #3 by EchoSaga

Created 09 Jan 2014
  • Survival: The Plan #3

Survival: The Plan #3 Keth looked in the hallway of the prison. He saw one guard. Keth knocked out the guard and took his key card and pistol. Keth and the troop squad searched for the exit. Knuckles found the edit and the others came. Kenten and Breaker opened the door. But on the other side was a large group of New Gytin's army. They shot at the squad of clones. Keth dodged in a corridor and opened a door that led into the Prison Courtyard. There Keth met up with Keenan, Reginal and Knuckles. It was time for a plan. First they needed to find the ther squad members. Then turn off the Power Plant. From there they would improvise. It was time for action. End of #3 I still need more names in the comments

tags: keth, breaker
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