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Chapter 1- Sean's Mission. by agentsky1022

Created 03 Nov 2013
  • Chapter 1- Sean's Mission.

Here's chapter one! The tag leads you to the other chapters. Remember, this story is a lot better if you copy/paste it into word and press enter after each (*) Sean, rock-hidden and message-bearing, peeked out from behind his hiding spot- a rock. The guards seemed to have moved on. (*) Time to go. (*) Sean sneaked through the brush, wincing as a stick cracked beneath his foot. (*) He reached the edge of the garden and scampered up the gate of the secret facility. If YXALAG was right, this message was sent to them at 5:00 in the evening from YXALAG spies, but intercepted halfway by the owners of this facility. They had sent Sean to get it back, and he had completed the task. (*) Now what? (*) Sean entered his house, and called YXALAG on his phone. (*) “Sean? Are you alright?” The YXALAG general asked through the phone. (*) “Yeah, I got the message.” (*) “Great! I sent you an e-mail with the translator- translate the message and read it back to me.” (*) Sean opened up his laptop and confirmed the code. He translated the message and read back “The galaxy exists.” Sean frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean?” (*) There was some silence on the other end of the phone. “No time to explain. Listen- you need to follow the coordinates.” (*) “What?” (*) “At the bottom of the message.” (*) Sean checked. “X982 Y283 Z832” (*) “Perfect! Follow those coordinates.” (*) “Why? General, what’s going on?” (*) “Sean, I know this is hard for a 17 year old to understand, but you have to do this! I can’t explain why. Follow the coordinates, Sean, follow the coordi-“ (*) The phone went dead, and Sean frowned. “General?” (*) Nothing but silence. (*) “This is a problem,” Sean muttered.

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