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Bounty Hunter Miniseries Cast by AndrewboyLego

Created 14 Aug 2014
  • Bounty Hunter Miniseries Cast

Hey everybody! Tomorrow is the first episode of my Bounty Hunter Miniseries so I post the main characters (cast) of the miniseries: Terinald Oddek-Bounty Hunter clan leader; Zak Nindoner (me)-Jedi, main opponent of Terinald; Commander Bryan (Stephenacky)-Coruscant guard Commander; Mandalore the Dictator; Falko White (AgentPenguin)-Republic assasin, Jedi guard; Spencer Quaote-Bounty Hunter clan 2nd command; Spark-simple Bounty Hunter. Ok guys, hope you like the characters, BTW, this pic will be the Miniseries Image. If you want to be a character, just say in comments and I will add you. And be sure you read the first episode tomorrow. Bye! Mods please accept!

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