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Join the ERST!!!! by Ilikecheckers

Created 02 Aug 2014
  • Join the ERST!!!!

Join the ERST!!!!!! We have ranks,games,building challenges,contests, and much more!!! We have meetings every two weeks. And my first meeting is today this afternoon. We are allies with the,EMC,BDC,JASC,BRM,501st GAM,and many more!!! The ranks are; private,rookie,soldier, Gunner,pilot,trooper,captain,commander,ARF trooper,ARC trooper. RANCOR rider,RANCOR ARF trooper and RANCOR ARC trooper!! Commander Claw( which is me) is the leader if the ERST.LISTEN CAREFULLY FOLKS!!!! THIS IS HOW YOU JOIN!!!!!! ALL YOU DO IS SAY....." Join" THEN YOU ARE A ERST MEMBER!!!! WARNING: I YOU ARE A ERST MEMBER AND YOU AREN'T ACTIVE AFTER 2 WEEKS THEN YOU ARE NO LONGER A ERST!!!!! Keep that in mind!! Anyways please please join!!!!- Claw

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