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here we go by Xpromixer

Created 25 Jun 2014
  • here we go

(R-P) we ran into the hanger to find debris lying everywhere, I ran to a trooper supporting himself with a crate " what happened?" I asked "its the AF they're fighting back" he replied then a medic ran to him and carried him to the medical bay. Fire-Team Razor and I ran out of the base to see the city leveled to the ground, suddenly a patrol of AF troopers walked round a corner we quickly gunned them down and continued our journey to the command once we arrived we saw a razor shield cover the capital I installed my binoculars and focused on the middle, I saw guards everywhere then I saw him "Wolf Surge" I said with distaste "all 501st Fire-Team, vehicles air support hearing this, primary target is in capital city shield covering it throw everything we've got at it" I continued.

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