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A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.4 (4) by Cimpan12

Created 26 Aug 2013
  • A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.4 (4)

Alana sprinted out the door and into the street.She wouldn't stop, she crashed into an elder green Twi'lek, but didn't help him up, she just got up and continued to run. She Force jumped over the closed stands in the streets.Pushed her way through the crowds in downtown.She ran through a 24 hour diner , her side ached and her feet hurt but she couldn't stop running.She was sure those clones had sent some others to look for her.She knew that if she was caught again the penalty will be much worse. She ran and ran.Finally she couldn't take it anyomore, she stopped, sat down in the dark, empty alley , and cried herself to sleep. ****************** Alana woke up at the first light she felt touch her face. "She has to be here somewhere,"She heard a clone say. The voice didn't sound too far away.So Alana quickly crawled under a broken speeder. The clones looked into the alley but didn't walk in. "A girl wouldn't hide in there!"One clone protested. "You're right,"Their captain said,"Let's keep moving!" "Those clones obviously don't know me at all!"Alana thought to herself as she crawled out. Her white shirt was now, officially, brown. But she kept on running. Today her goal would be to find some help.It was a Saturday , so she could find her friends out of their classes easily. She ran out of the alley and toward where the Temple was. ***************************** "When do you think that they will put her on trial?"Jax asked his new friends as he bit out of his apple. Ahsoka shrugged. "Hey,uh guys.I am going to see my sister and my friends at the boarding school later today.Do you any of you want to come?"Samelo asked walking up to the 2 that were munching on apples behind the Temple. "Sure,why not?"Ahsoka replied. "I never met them,so sure!"Jax then said. "Can I come?" The 3 of them whirled around to see Alana's head sticking out from behind a crate. "Alana!"Samelo gasped. "Did they let you go?"Jax ran toward her. "No,"Alana said simply. "I guess you broke out?"Ahsoka grinned mischievously. "Yep!"Alana replied. "I'll be right back!"Samelo said he ran into the Temple. "D-do you guys think that you might want to help me?"Alana asked Jax and Ahsoka. The 2 looked at each other. "Help you as in what?"Jax asked. "Find proof that I'm innocient,"Alana was worried that her friends didn't believe her anymore. Ahsoka walked up to her friend,"Alana,I'll help you,but I can't be much of a help.I'm sorry but I can't risk being banned by the Jedi." "Same here,"Jax said. "I'll help!"Samelo shouted from behind. He walked up to Alana and handed her a lightsaber. Alana examained it, it was hers alright! "Thanks,"she told him. "Now lets go to the school, Angela and the others will be happy to see that your ok,"Samelo said. "OK, but we'll have to go through the back streets, clones are looking for me on the main ones,"Alana told them. "Great, so I'm friends with a wanted person!"Ahsoka laughed. Alana smiled and shook her head and thought to herself,"And I'm the wanted person, wanted for doing something I didn't even know about." ******************************************************** TO BE CONTINUED.....TOMORROW ********************************************************

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