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llum part 3 by Brickman448

Created 17 Jul 2014
  • llum part 3

llum part 3 “I don’t like it!” Said jack “That storm is heading way to fast!” In minutes wind was howling, snow was flying and everything sounded like a pure hail storm! For two days they stayed in the cave little food and previsions finally it’s over. “Okay we are through” Jack finished chopping through the now ice wall and realized that everything was white. Things were blown every where they couldn’t even see their markers where they had left the ships! There foot holes where covered with snow Ben and jack went down first. Carefully dusting off their hand holds. Finally they made it down. Next Allie and Leroy went. Then Todd. Todd made it to the bottom. They started back when Todd heard a faint noise. He looked around then he felt propelled to the ground his lightsaber flew out of his hand.

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