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Blood Red Mandalorians Newsletter and Co by gloopy45

Created 23 Aug 2013
  • Blood Red Mandalorians Newsletter and Co

Welcome members of the Blood Red Mandos! I'm sorry I have not been active in this club, but I promise this will not happen again. Since not very many people are active in this club I have decided to change it yet again. I have decided to have legions within the club. The maximum amount of members in a legion is 12, and the maximum amount of members in this whole club is 36. I have Already given Legopanama the option of become leader of a legion, but I'm not sure if we'll have enough members for legions. I'm inviting anyone to join as long as they are active and enter my contests and have at least one creation. Here are a list of the active members and their ranks: Legopanama: Private 2 Artsyethan: Private 2 Frodolovesbacon: Private Awesomenoa: Private 2 We won't have legions until we have at least twelve members. All the other members haven't posted in a while. I would love to have more members. The contest for this month is to make a super weapon for the Mandos. Rules: No copying. Have the tag BRMcontest3. Have fun, and make sure it is your best work. Mods, please accept.

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