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SURROUNDED by maxbalter

Created 11 Aug 2014

(RolePlay) After our incident with the GCM and the stormtroopers, X, Sand, Tac, Steel, Riptide and I were sitting in the back of a transport pondering over the days events our helmets resting on a table besides us. The other passengers scowled at us but remained silent. "What I don't get is how that GCM commander knew your name", said Sand to me, "I mean, it is like 20,000 years in the future and it was like they knew you personally". "Maybe they came here through the void just as we did", I said. X polished his pistol and slid it back in its holster, "well all I know is that now the Empire knows we are here, they probably alerted all the districts and cities in this area about our presence". As I sat down, I noticed two figures walk out of the room in front of us and come our way. I immediately picked up a data pad and hid my face. "Hey guys", I said in a fake voice, "look whats on the news today". They all turned towards my data pad. "Imperial stormtroopers", I whispered, "there looking for us". Tac grabbed his helmet and slid it on, "we need to get to the back of the transport, fast". Sand, X and Steel grabbed their helmets and loaded their rifles. I clipped my dark sabers to my belt and unholstered my F-27 repeating blaster rifle. The stormtrooper kept looking into the crowd of people. Luckily for us, we were seated in a low compartment, while everyone else was above us. One passenger stood up and look at us. He grinned menacingly. "They're over here!", he said. The stormtroopers noticed us and charged. "Run!", said Steel. We ran towards the back of the transport. The stormtrooper opened fire on us, not caring for the innocent people on board who might get hit. "How can they fire when a crowd of innocent people are on board!", said Steel, "thats low even for the Empire!". "Thats because we are not innocent people, scum", said a passenger. He held a pistol in one hand a a badge with the Imperial insignia. "Darxus Vallon", he said, "ISB agent". I shuddered. The ISB were the Imperial Security Bureau, a secretive group of agents that were second to none, the elite of the Empire. All of the passengers whipped around with blaster pistols in hand, revealing the same badge that Darxus held. "Oh thats not good", I said. I ignited my dark sabers and attacked the onrushing stormtroopers. I swung my blades, defeating both of them. Steel and Tac kneeled behind overturned chairs, sniping enemy stormtroopers that showed themselves from the other rooms. Sand kicked a ISB agent out of the window and defeated another with his rifle. More stormtrooper broke through the skylights, entering the fray with E-11 blaster rifles and fragmentation grenades. There were too many of them to handle. I relayed the message to the others and we all ran back behind cabinets, chairs and tables, returning fire to the advancing enemy. Then all of a sudden, the ISB agents stopped firing and stood at attention. The stormtrooper parted as a figure clad in dark robes and armor entered the room. His presence made the temperature drop, and the lights dim. He had a black helmet with a thin darkened visor covering his eyes. He threw off his cape and ignited a blood red blade. He looked directly at me. "Darin Shi", he said with a deep, cold voice, "lower your blade, or I promise you, you, your friends, this city and everything you ever cared about, will be destroyed" (RolePlay)

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