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Alpha pack: Bone chapter XIV by batman5681

Created 20 Oct 2013
  •   Alpha pack: Bone chapter XIV

Wolf kept walking until he had reached the training room. He had made up his mind on who to ask SPR to imitate. As he walked inside he found Jakis sparring SPR-104, who was on his Kit Fisto mode, while Stormer looked on. Jakis was doing good, parrying or dodging every attack SPR threw at him. Jakis then stepped up his attacks and slashed at SPR from the right, left, and above. SPR was falling back. “Great job, Jakis!” Wolf shouted. Jakis' hold on the duel lasted for a few more seconds. Then SPR struck out at Jakis' legs, and Jakis shifted back a foot. SPR locked his saber's blade with Jakis' and pushed him back. Then he struck out with a couple blows, clashing with Jakis' saber and barely missing him a few times. The duel was finished when SPR hit Jakis in the arm, hard. “Ouch! I'm glad these are on just the sparring setting,” Jakis said. The Kit Fisto image on top of SPR vanished revealing the droid's actual appearance. “I hope I didn't hit you to hard, Jakis,” SPR said in his robotic voice. “No. I'm fine,” Jakis replied. “Good,” SPR said, “You nearly beat that mode. Well done.” “Thanks,” Jakis said. “Can I spar next?” Wolf asked Stormer. “Sure,” he replied, “I dueled right before Jakis.” “Great!” Wolf always enjoyed a nice duel. “SPR...” As soon as the droid heard his name it turned to Wolf. “Put the setting on Ahsoka Tano.” Jakis turned to Wolf a look of surprise in his eye.“You sure about that?” “Of course I'm sure. Ready SPR?” The droid nodded and transformed instantly into Ahsoka Tano. Wolf put his lightsaber on low and ignited it. It was SPR who struck first, attacking Wolf with a series of blows. But Wolf parried them all and lashed out with his saber attacking from the right and left in a powerful combo. SPR swung at Wolf's legs and Wolf leaped into the air, landed, and swung at SPR's body. He missed by inches. SPR then swung at Wolf's head and body using both lightsabers at the same time. Wolf dodged both the blows. He then attacked SPR's legs, body, and arms. SPR parried all the blows and lashed out at Wolf. But Wolf parried these blows. Dareg then stepped through the door. “Hello.” “Hi,” Jakis responded. Wolf then attacked with a quick series of swings, followed by an attack to the head and arms. SPR was being beaten back as Wolf launched another group of attacks. Finally Wolf hit SPR's mid-section and the droid fell backwards. Wolf was sweating as he retracted his lightsaber blade into the hilt. “Phew!” he said. SPR's Ahsoka Tano image vanished and the droid stood up. “Good job, Wolf! You sure are tough to beat. Well done.” His friends walked up to him. “Great dueling, Wolf! Those moves worked well,” Dareg congratulated. “Congratulations! I thought you couldn't do it but you proved me wrong,” Jakis said. Stormer nodded. “Thanks guys. It wasn't easy,” Wolf replied. “Can I duel next?” Dareg asked. Wolf nodded. “Okay. SPR, Darth Sideous setting please.” Wolf's eye flew wide open in surprise. ---- Hope you liked this chapter of Alpha Pack: Bone! Wow they are getting long! :P Thank you to all my viewers! I really appreciate you reading! If you haven't guessed SPR stands for "spar".

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