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TFA 10: Dark Versus Light. by agentsky1022

Created 30 Aug 2013
  • TFA 10: Dark Versus Light.

For those of you who have not read the previous chapters: a team known as TFA has always included four members: Bacon, the Joker and sometimes Annoyer, Noa, the unofficial second-in-command—or is it first-in-command? Third-in-command? I guess it doesn’t matter, because it’s unofficial—Noa, the leader of the Secret Seven and friend of Sky, Skoudis, the Jedi of the group, and Sky, the founder, cookie eater, and cookie-power-izer. Noa and Sky have left the team, but Sky has gone his own way to become a ferocious bounty hunter known as his Alter-Ego, Ray, and he has been given a terrible mission with a hefty reward—find and scatter into pieces his former friends. Meanwhile, two more minifigures have been added to the team—Family, just your average agent, and Relus, a Jedi with a dark past. Bacon and Family have gone to Tatooine to investigate reports of mysterious robot attacks, while Skoudis and Relus go to the Jedi Academy to find out the same thing. Everybody is asleep, but Relus is drawn by one side of the Force to awake, get out of bed, and explore… Relus winced as a loose stone cracked under his step. He felt a slight nudging in the force and turned right. The door? He thought numbly. For there it was—the door to the academy. Relus did not want to go in the forest at midnight. He turned to leave— --And turned back as the nudging became more insistent. “Alright already,” Relus muttered under his breath as he stepped out of the door. With his hand held casually at a place where he could easily reach his lightsaber, he approached, the door slamming shut behind him. He traversed through the forest for too long to write about, crossing rivers and the like. He wondered if he would get lost. He finally ended up at a big cavern. Some part of him realized that this was a temple of the Massasai, a fierce group of Dark Jedi. But he didn’t know that. Was it the Force that told him that? Relus headed through the Temple, climbing down massive stairs. He came to a big throne room, and sitting in the center chair was— --“DARTH GALARIOUS!” Relus shouted, partly with shock, partly from fear. “Yes, my young apprentice,” Galarious announced. “It’s been a long time.” Relus grabbed his lightsaber, and gave a stunning leap through the air, slashing his lightsaber down on the throne where Galarious had once sat. The throne that was now hurtling toward him. After Relus’ head cleared, he found that he had been moved deeper into the Temple. “Come on now, Relaskus, do you really think you can stop me? I taught you everything you know. And I have grown stronger since then.” “It’s just Relus now,” Relus said angrily. “And if I can’t defeat you on my own, I’ll get others to help.” He turned to the door— --That suddenly slammed shut, along with every other door in the room. “Did I say that was an option?” Galarious asked quietly. God Bless!

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