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Levi Reeves Ep 1 by legolover7503

Created 13 Feb 2014
  • Levi Reeves Ep 1

I am in big trouble, I just fell down a deep chasm and now I'm surrounded by Zombies... "Oh, Dang" I said upset, Whenever I tried to move the Zombies would inch further towards me, After what felt like a week I decided to go, I drew my dual WESTAR-35 pistols and went to town, I took one out an then another and then another and then ANOTHER, I was good, But then one bit me in the arm and I went paralyzed, I couldn't move and I knew I would be eaten in seconds, But then I saw it, A beautiful woman jumped off a ledge and started fighting the monsters, She must have been a Jedi for she had a long glowing sword, I, I couldn't breath, I was passing out... When I woke up I was in a hospital, There was a medical droid injecting some fluid in my body, I looked all around the room and I saw that angelic female, She was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, But she was cranky, "What is that your putting in him" She asked in an upset voice, "It is a medical stabilizer, He will not live without it" The droid said, "What! I might die without that!" I shrieked, I was turning pale, "Good you are awake" The woman said, "My name is Levi" I said "what is yours?", "My name is Alicia" Alicia said, "Nice to meet you" I replied, And that day I knew that I had found my soul mate...

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