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WLT Episode 2 Part 1 Nightfall Rescue by t-rex8007

Created 20 Nov 2013
  • WLT Episode 2 Part 1 Nightfall Rescue

Shadow's Ship flew by the planet where Storm and Raven are held hostage by beast. "Shadow, do you read? Over." Roken said on the radio transmitter. "Yeah Roken. Go ahead. Over." Replied Shadow. "We got major heat signals by you. I think they are not expecting company. Over." Said Roken as Shadow checked his computer screen. Roken was right. Fighters were nearby. Shadow's Armor of black was as dark as space it self. "You better get out of there! Over." Said Roken. Shadow just spat and started going into the planet's orbit. "Not on my watch. Over and Out." Said Shadow. The ship was going fast with heat. But then his wing was clipped off by one of the fighters as they shot missiles. He spun in circles and crashed into the land. Shadow bursts out of the window with his knife and hid into the bushes. The fighters turned on their lights to see if they can see them. But they went away as they thought that they finished him. "Dang! Those guys would rip a Z9-Headhunter in no time!" Snarled Shadow. He kept on going. Looking for his friends. But then he saw that there was a Roclopsion standing on a rock on lookout. Shadow sneaked behind him and puts a silencer on his pistol. He fires quite but deadly and the Roclopsion fell to the ground almost bowing to Shadow. "Bow before me" Laughed Shadow. Shadow went down the hill. He saw Storm and Raven sneaking past a whole camp of the "Wild Animals". Then He went down by a wall of rock and grabbed Raven and Storm by the arm. "Wh- Shadow?!" Said Raven in a odd way. "Hello old friend. Lets get out of here in a spot without these creeps." Said Shadow. Raven and Storm ran but then Storm tripped by a rock. "Did you have to do that!?" Spat Shadow. The Trip alerted the Roclopsion and they opened fire. "Dang it!" Shadow said. Shadow tossed Raven and storm some mini guns. "There is too many!" Said Storm. "We gotta outrun them!" Suggested Raven. Shadow agreed.. for once in his life. They ran into a cave but when Storm went in he looked out and saw tanks rolling out. "Take cover!" Yelled Storm. He pushed Shadow and Raven to the ground as the tank shot the cave and the door was sealed by massive rocks. "Where are we?" Coughed Raven. Suddenly they heard a Growl in the cave. A very low one that sounded large. "Were in somewhere where we shouldn't be..". Hope ya guys enjoyed it! Please rate and comment! -Rex

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