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A.I.P.A epi.6 sea.1 (2) by Cimpan12

Created 13 Sep 2013
  • A.I.P.A epi.6 sea.1 (2)

At first the rancor ran very quickly but then he started to go slower ,and slower ,and slower, until he was walking.By this time it was almost dark so the padawans decided to stop for the night.They ate ,built a fire, and had a rock,paper,scissors war for who would get to sleep on the rancor that night.Alana won.As she climbed on top of the rancor the boys another contest to see who would get the back pack for a pillow.But Alana was so tired she fell asleep before the third round of rock,paper, scissors occured.******** "OK!We have made it to Lebernad without being spotted!"Licard said after he had landed."Good!"Marlitana said as she walked out of her room.Licard stared at her, she was wearing a hood and had two lightsabers hanging from her belt.Her green eyes had an evil look in them."What?"she asked."You-you look like a sith!"Licard exclaimed.Marlitana's face became red with anger, her green eyes narrowed,"Well, I am not!Dont you ever say that again!" "Geez!You don't have to get so personal!"Licard replied, he was shocked at how mad she had gotten at him for saying that.Marlitana raised up her hand and started to to frighten Licard with the Force,"If you EVER say that again I will do this until I see you faint!" She let go.Licard began gasping for air as Marlitana exited the ship.******** The next day was the same thing, the padawans got up ate a little and hoped onto their pet Rancor!So much for Alana,Jax,and Samelo being this Rancors meal!The three joked about all day until evening came and they saw the lights off the town."We made it!"Samelo said excitedly. Jax and Alana high-fived and then Alana let out a:"Wahoooooooo!"But all of the sudden Alana felt miserable, she sensed the presence of someone that Alanis had met years before, Marlitana.When Alanis was about eight, her rival, another sith padawan named Marlitana had ranaway from the dark side and Count Dooku had been sent to find her but wasn't successfull. Now Alana felt that girls presnce, it was dark and revengeful."Stop!"she cried in a frightened voice. The rancor stopped immediately."Alana whats going on?"Samelo asked."I'll be right back!Whatever you do, don't follow me!"Alana jumped off the rancor and ran ahead."Alana!"Jax called after her but it was no use,Alana couldn't explain what was going on, they would want to help.As she ran on she spotted a figure pacing back and forth as she got closer she saw that it was that girl who had kidnapped her!So that was what had become of that girl!She had become a bounty hunter!**** Marlitana spotted Alana pulled out her darksabers, turned them on, and ran straight toward the un-armed Alana.Alana knew what this meant, a fight between the Force and a pair of darksabers. ***********************************TO BE CONTIUED*****************

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