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Created 22 Apr 2014

A week had passed since the eradication of the Jedi order and the Imperial takeover of Mandalore. I gazed out the window of a AT-AW (All Terrain Artillery Walker). EMC troopers were marching forward with weapons armed, with other walkersI donned my Cortosis Helmet and secured my Cortosis Armor. I grabbed my dark-sabers and clipped them to my belt, knowing that I would have to use them in the near future. "Tough week huh", said BARCCOMMANDO, my second-in-command of the EMC and my most trusted solider. I nodded. "All are the troops in position for the attack?", I asked. "Yes", said BARC, "We have our troops in position and our cannons aimed at the Imperial base". Ever since the Empire's brutal attack on the Allied Forces council, Mandalore had been controlled by the Emperor and the EMC, WOLF Elites and RIM had been scattered across the galaxy, planning a attack on the Empire. Now I had instructed the EMC units to attack and raid a Imperial Base on Concordia, not far from the ammunitions depot that we used during the first war. "Sir", said a EMC trooper, "we have a visual, 2 stormtrooper squads and 3 AT-ST Walkers. "Tell the men to open fire", I said. I grabbed my pistols and BARC loaded his rifle. We walked outside and towards the men. "BARC", I said, "you will lead a squad of EMC units on the front lines, while I command a separate squad and infiltrate their camps". "Once we are inside", I said, "we are to secure the munitions depot and hold it until reinforcements arrive". "Are we all clear?" I asked. "Sir yes Sir", the men replied in unison. I motioned a squad of EMC trooper to follow me into their camps while BARC led his squad and the walkers into positions. Soon after I heard blaster fire and the sound of heavy cannons booming in the distance. "BARC has begun his attack", I said, "now lets begin ours". I loaded my pistol and charged at the stormtroopers, with EMC units right behind. "Blast them!" a stormtrooper yelled. "There are to many!" another said. I blasted a stormtrooper and fired at another. EMC units advanced and fired on the stormtroopers. The enemy fired uselessly at me, for my Cortosis Armor absorbed the bolts. I ignited my darksaber and sliced through the enemy. Finally, all the stromtroopers were either defeated or had run away. "Sir", said a EMC unit running towards me, "BARC has reported that he has succeeded in attacking the enemy's front lines". "Good", I said. I turned and saw a lone stormtrooper with blue markings stand up and raise his rifle and opened fire. I deflected the blast effortlessly and it slammed back into him. EMC units raised their rifles and aimed at the trooper, while I swung at him with my dark-saber. I then kicked him back into a wall and pointed my dark-saber at him. The trooper then took of his helmet and revealed himself to be a young human girl. "Please don't shoot", she said, her eyes full of plead and fear. I de-ingited my dark-saber. "Take her to the brig", I said, "make sure she is unharmed". 2 EMC units walked over and took her away. "Contact BARC", I said, "tell him we have won this round, but more are sure to come".

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