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PROTOBOT Chapter 4, Training by blazer6284

Created 10 Dec 2013
  • PROTOBOT Chapter 4, Training

It took two weeks for my face to fully heal. I was sitting on a bench in the hospital when I heard doors open at the end of the hallway. I turned my head at the end of the hallway and saw Len wearing a grey business suit and a black hat. We shook hands and Len sat next to me. "How you feeling?", asked Len. I replied,"Im doing fine, now when will we start the training?". Len said,"anytime you want to start it." We were talking about the mission and what was going to happen when a nurse showed up and said,"Your face looks better Parker,now all you need to do is sign out ok?". Len and I both shook our heads and got up. We signed out and walked out the hospital. We walked toward three speeders where a man in a black suit and sunglasses were waiting for us. The three of us got on one of the speeders and sped out of the hospital. I said,"Where are we going to train?", to Len. Len replied over the noise,"You will see when we get there." It took us 25 minutes to get to our destination. It was a large building with lots of offices. We got off our speeders and walked toward the entrance of the building. We walked passed people passing by and trees with little fountains beside them. We walked in the building and went to through a corridor. We turned a corner and showed up to a office that said on its door: Dr. Bonita's office. Len and I knocked on the door and heard muffled steps. A short man with a mustache opened the door for us and said,"Welcome welcome welcome, would you care for some tea Len?. Len shook his head and sat down in a chair next to me. When we were settled, Len said to Dr. Bonita,"This is Parker, our recruit for the mission. Bonita turned his head toward me and shook hands with me."Nice to meet you", he said. Bonita then picked up a stack of papers and skimmed through them. He then took out a paper and gave it to me. I look at the paper and only saw a 'sign here' caption. Bonita said,"Since we know that you've been in the replubic, we already know everything about you and all you need to do is sign here if you want to do this mission. I looked for a pen and saw one in the corner of a desk. I picked up the pen and signed the paper. "Excellent", Bonita said. Bonita took the paper and stuck it back in the pile of papers. As he was doing that, he said,"Just one more thing, are you married?". I sorta felt embarrassed but managed to say no. Bonita nodded and then said,"Good, because we dont want to tell any family that their husband died." Dr. Bonita got up and said,"Follow me" to me. I got up and followed Dr. Bonita out the door into a room that had 2 bunk beds. He picked up something and handed it to me "This is your room where you will be sleeping". He pointed at the thing in my hand. "That is your uniform". I unfolded the uniform and looked at it. It looked like the right size to me and then I gently threw it on a bunk bed."This is where the toilet is and this is where the shower is"said Bonita. Once Bonita was done telling me where all the things were, he turned toward and shook my hands. "Welcome to the core", he said....

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