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A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.4 (3) by Cimpan12

Created 26 Aug 2013
  • A.I.P.A sea.1 epi.4 (3)

Alana came running out of the building, she was all dirty and worried, most of the people she had help get out of the building were almost dead! She was relieved to see Jax and Palpatine alright. "Hold still, young one!"Mace said sternly, he walked up to her with 2 clones behind him. "Whats going on?"Alana asked, half confused and half afraid. The clones grabbed Alana roughly. "Hey!Stop!"Alana shouted. They acted like they didn't hear her! 1 of the clones pulled her arms behind her back and putted a set of laser handcuffs on her wrists! "Alana Deritha!You have been arrestedfor being suspected of traitorism!"Mace told her. "I am not a TRAITOR!"Alana said angrily. "You can tell the whole council when you are put to trial,"Mace said,"Take her away." "Please believe me!"Alana exclaimed starting to cry. She passed by a group of Padawans. Samelo just stared with a blank expression, like all of the others,but Ahsoka, she was crying. Alana tried to break free, but it was no use, she would have to go to jail. ******************** Alana stared at the gray door cell, she had been staring at it for the last 3 days. "A kid in jail, never thought of that!"Alana thought to herself. She threw her pillow of the bed and picked it up with the Force, she then began to bang it against the wall with the Force. She needed to get out of here, and soon.But the only way in and out was through the door, the door! She knew she could open it with the Force, and if she could maybe she could escape! Alana thought up a quick plan and whispered mischievously,"Looks there will be a jail break tonight!" ************* Alana almost fell asleep but the clone that guarded the cells had begun to snore. "Thanks for the wake up call,"Alana whispered. She took a deep breath,stretched out her hand ,and opened the door through the Force easily.This type of stuff was easy for her to do. She tiptoed out of her cell and closed it quietly.Alana looked around the dark hallway , everything was just as she had imagined, it was perfect. She Force jumped on top of the cell that had been facing her and looked ahead, the hallway would become pitch black once she left this area where there was a dim light for the guard. But she jumped on top of the next door cell and the next, once it became pitch black she used the Force to guide her.She started to have some fun jumping from one cell to another doing flips and 360's! Once again there was a light, this one came from behind a door. Alana took a deep breath. Now this was the hard part, she would have to fight her way out with no lightsabers to defend herself, only the Force. She Force-opened the door and entered slowly. "Hey, you!Stop!"a clone with red armor said pointing at Alana. She sprinted toward the exit.A clone took out a skock gun. Alana dodged the blue laser.She pulled the gun out of the clones hand with the Force and shocked him, he fainted. Alana felt miserable when she saw him fall, she felt like a bad guy right then. But 4 other clones were about to attack her from each side.Alana thought fast.She Force jumped into the air and back flipped behind them. She used the force to make 2 of them bump heads together and the other 2 had run to get their own shock guns, this was Alana's only chance to escape. ********************************TO BE CONTINUED*********

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