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I will no longer be here, at ALL. by optimus-prime27

Created 09 May 2014
  • I will no longer be here, at ALL.

Hello everyone! Been awhile...hehe. Anyways, as the title states, I am not coming here anymore unless I grow back into Lego's which I don't think will happen. I am on Youtube now--not here, a gaming channel, not Lego. I was happy to be here for 3 1/2 years. The picture is one of my best comics that I have made--the day when I made my Commander Fox. I have not touched my Lego's in over 4 months now; though I still keep Guy and Lieutenant because they bring back good memories. :) I would continue a LOT of my miniseries(Cast-Away, one of my favorite series I've done, Brother Hood, and so on) But I don't have the time. Thank you for reading. Good bye.

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