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Updates(Where I've Been All This Time) by vezok934

Created 10 Oct 2013
  • Updates(Where I've Been All This Time)

Hey guys vezok here, wow its been a long time since I've been on here. Sorry to any of you who liked my creations and mini series and missed them while I was gone. Anyway you're all probably wondering, VEZOK where have you been? Well, get comfortable because this is gonna take a while. So as you may or may not know the last time I was on here was when I wanted to start a club(sadly I will be canceling the club due to time issues with school, projects, and sports)since then a lot has happened. What mainly made me leave was that I lost my inspiration for posting on here and I decided it was better for me to just leave for a while. After I while I wanted to start posting again but I couldn't find the time to post. I was also WAY to obsessed with a new video game I had gotten but eventually I got some sense knocked into me and stopped playing it so much. After I had stopped playing the game I still had no ideas for a creation to post. I waited a while but then school started to pile up TONS of homework and I was too busy after school as well with sports. After a while of the same stuff taking up my time I found a way to manage my time and figured it was time to come back to Even though I am back I won't be posting as often as I used to because I still need to do other things, but I may post comments on other people's creations on days where I am too busy to create something. One more thing, the next part of my mini series will be coming out some time this week so I would advise that you read the previous parts before reading the latest one just so that you remember the story line. I hope that all of you are glad to hear this news. I look forward to rejoining the Lego Star Wars community. -vezok934

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