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182nd meeting #1 by Tobyd95

Created 30 Aug 2014
  • 182nd meeting #1

If you want to join the 182nd say so in the comments... since we have no members this meeting will be rather short.... this week's meeting includes: a)= ranks b)= upcoming events c)= how to join... ( briefing begins now ) a) RANKS- from 2nd to 7th , commander =only one, private =only one , sergeant =only two , scout =up to ten, soldier = up to one-hundred, shiny =up to one hundred, cadet = up to one-hundred = NOTE: cadets are not members until past training b) UPCOMING ADVENTS- 1. training begins when have ten members 2. missions begins when have two teams ( each have a sergeant, 2 scouts and 2 soldiers ) 3. contests began when have two teams c) HOW TO JOIN- post a clone with red on it and tag it to: 182ndlegion and 182ndct please join..... FOR THE REPUBLIC and for pizza, stinger/tobyd95 out...

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