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The Trouble of Two 12 by Furno9614

Created 20 Aug 2013
  • The Trouble of Two 12

Please comment with likes and dislikes.- Outside of Teakiter - "Scout! I need you now! My shields are gone and my alarms are blazing!" John yelled into his communicator. "Hey, I'm not doing so hot either!" Scout replied. As soon as he said that Laser told Scout that Rocket managed to finish off two of the three v-wings. The other one decided that he would be better off pursuing John. The Relic spun as John sped for the planet's surface. The Relic had taken far too much firepower. John entered the atmosphere red hot. The v-wings continued their pursuit. Suddenly four fighters came up from the planet. They were somewhat strange and had two engines situated in the front of the fighter. The cockpit was slightly elevated in the rear. The two laser cannons were situated in the front in between the engines. John received instructions to roll to the side from the fighters. Then they blasted the unsuspecting v-wings. Then they guided John to a landing pad. The Intrepid 2, after making sure no more fighters were around, headed for the planet. -Sorry that this part was short.-

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