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B0802'S PROMOTION AND GIFT by maxbalter

Created 04 Aug 2014

Congratulations EMC Sniper operative Cathein Stormer! You have successfully completed your mission on Courascant and will receive a four man squad of EMC specials ops units and your own EMC battle cruiser named the Whirlwind. The Whirlwind carries 500 troops, 200 crew members and has a assortment of 40 turbo lasers and 200 concussion missiles. You have advanced to the next rank: Squad Commander! Squad Commanders are higher than Captain Majors (your old rank) and are sent on specialized, covert missions inside enemy bases and cruisers. Squad Commanders of the EMC always stick by their team's side and never leave a squad mate behind. Have fun with your new rank! - Darin Shi, Supreme Commander of the EMC -------- P.S: This is for Steel, second in command of the EMC, Cathein, ARC Trooper Tac, General Ap Kaj Bree of the BRM and Commander Claw of the ERST Guard. If you are not these people and you read on you will be kicked from role-play! (Yes I can do that since I created this role-play with cheeriosandlegos (Sand Vizla). The GAM secret meeting will be held on the creation where I captured B0802 during the first war (sorry B0802 but that is all behind us right?) Have a good day GAM members.

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