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EMPIRE AT WAR 3 by blazer6284

Created 30 Aug 2013

Chap 3: ARRIVING. As we slowly approached the rebel base, I could see the base Jackson said.============================================== As i got off the speeder bike i looked around for a second then a person started to walk toward me. The person said,"Jack?". I managed to say "thats me" at the person. Just then Jackson stood beside me. He took off his helmet and introduced me to the person. "Jack, this is commander Flare". I shook the commanders hand and said,"hello my name Jack". Flare smiled and called his generals to meet me. As Flare talked to his generals, Jackson whispered in my ear saying that the generals names were Simon and Mark. As one of the generals came to greet me, the other general quickly slid something in his pocket. I shook Simons hand and and said,"nice to meet you". Simon told me all about the base and where the weapons were. He Assigned me to tent 7 and the good part was jackson was in tent 8.============================================= As the sun started to set, I met and remembered everybody's name in my tent. There was 5 people in my tent. Their names were Ryan,Marcus,Danny,Ethan, and Mike. As the generals told everybody lights out, I got in my sleeping bag and stared at the ceiling of my tent. Everything in my mind started to buzz around. I wonder what was going to happen to me. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep like everybody else was But Little did I know that somewhere in the sandy desert stood a dark figure on a cliff holding a red lightsaber looking down at my base........

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