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PROTOBOT Chapter: 3 The Good and the Bad by blazer6284

Created 05 Dec 2013
  • PROTOBOT Chapter: 3 The Good and the Bad

I woke up in a hospital seven hours later. My face was covered in bandages and everything was black. This morning, I heard on a radio that Camp Uzi was destroyed and scout clones were investigating the sight. I was laying in bed drinking water when I heard the door open and and close in front of me."Who is there?", I said. I think the person sat down, because I heard the chair screeching back and somebody sitting down. The person said,"Hello, my name is Colonel Mayers and I'm here for some questioning. I turned my head toward the person and thought he was there. He was actually on the other side of the bed. "Im on the right he told me." I turned my head right, and said,"What questions do you need to ask me?". The Colonel said,"The first question is what did the robot look like?". I gave a suspicious look."How do you know about the robot?", I asked him. The Colonel probably gave a sigh. That robot's actually name is 'Protobot'. I thought for a second about that name then said,"The robot wore black boots and black pants with ammo pouches on the side of them. I didn't know what the Colonel was doing but I suggested that he was scribbling the stuff I said on a notebook. I continued and said,"He wore a black armored suit with some neon green lines on him." The Colonel scribbled more things down and when I sensed that he was done I said,"He also wore black and green night vision goggles and a grey helmet and some tactical amour on his shoulders. Once the Colonel finished writing the last sentence, he said,"What type of weapons did he have?". I though for a second remembering the minigun and rocket launcher. I told him,"He had a minigun on his left shoulder and a little rocket launcher on his right shoulder I think." As the Colonel finished his note taking, he got up and said,"Thank you very much",and walked away. The Colonel went out the door and a new person entered the room. The person sat down on the same chair as Colonel Mayers did and said,"My name is Lenning but you can call me Len for short." I said,"What do you want from me now?". Len said,"Since you experience on the robot told us that you are the perfect man for a mission, we have decided that we are going to train you with six men also for this mission. I made a 'your lying' look and said,"How will I go to battle when I have a gigantic bandage all over my head?". Len made a 'are you that dumb' sound and said,"Of a course were going to let your face heal before you go on the mission." I felt like a idiot after that and changed the subject. What do you need on this mission?". Len replied,"This is a smash and run mission ok?, your squadron of six will go deep into enemy territory at night and will blow up the factories that are producing these robots ok?". I felt like a bomb went off in my stomach. I said,"Wait, Protobot is not the only robot they made!?". Len gave a sigh and said,"Well yeah, they have made more than 500 of those robots already but Protobot seems to be the ringleader of all of them." I made a heart attack sound and tilted toward the end of the bed. Len said,"Don't worry, these robot are weaker and are easy to destroy. I gave a relieving sigh and said,"What happens if all of us die?, what happens?". Len said in a grinning voice,"Nothing happens", and walked out of the room.

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