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new club by stemwellm016

Created 14 Aug 2014
  • new club

I have a new club that will be replacing the LOJ (legion of Jedi) it is a fire squad club to get in you must upload a pic of a custom fire trooper there will be ranks, contests and this new system I made up. If you find a wanted bounty hunter in a pic or win contests you will get credits which if you have enough you can buy ranks if you want to buy a rank put it in a creation and say you want to buy a rank. Tag all entries and rank purchase requests Fire5X all the meetings will be tagged this too. The ranks are Low-class trooper, trooper, high-class trooper, fire ninja, fire ninja leader, Sergeant, Linunaut, Captain, Leader, Commander and Fire 5X. You are all low-class troopers and I am a Fire 5X meetings are held weekly on Wednesday.

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