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COTF. B2 P2. by Legoking5500

Created 13 Sep 2013
  • COTF. B2 P2.

They went inside. "Okay Tura." Said Zane. "This is your new Baby sitter." "Him?!" Tura shouted. "But he's a robot!" "what you saying kid?" said Sander pulling out his guns. "I'm not a Kid I am a HESA." Tura couldn't believe she just said that! "Oh!" Said sander. "you're one of those!" He got his guns ready but Tura kicked them out of his hands and grabbed them and pointed them at him. "Hey!" shouted sander. "Give them back!" "Finders keepers!" said Tura. Tura couldn't believe what she was doing. Was she really this mean? She thought back... ever since her mom died she had been... tougher. A-lot tougher! She tossed back one of his guns. "You can have that one." They both went inside and Sat down. "Since mom wont be here any more Sander will be in charge of you when I go out on missions." said Zane. "Today I have to go to a meeting so sander will watch you." "Fine with me." said Tura. Zane left and Sander waited down stairs and went on one of the computers. Tura went upstairs to her room. she packed some clothes and a bag. she got her Dark saber and her gun (from sander). she went down stairs and got food. Lots of food. she went back up stairs and threw the bag out the window onto the landing pad. she went back down stairs. "I'm going for a walk." she said to sander. She really wasn't. she was leaving the dark side. Forever. She went to the landing pad and got on sander's Land speeder. she flew away to HESA. They had a small I-wing and Tura planned to take so she could get to The Jedi school. She Got there and she hopped off. X was lying on the ground and Sam and RJ were trying to help him. The feeling in Tura's wrist came back. It hurt. None the less she took out her Darksaber. Alanis came out of a small metal cabin that was on the far left corner of the pad. She got out her Light saber. "I don't want a fight I just want a ride." said Tura. "Well you came to the wrong place." said Alanis she brought her light saber down on Tura's. Tura's wrists throbbed. She pulled out the gun and shot at Alanis. Alanis blocked the shots but that took Alanis's concentration off the fight and Tura Got a good blow on Her. Alanis fell. "Now." said Tura. "Is anyone willing to give me a ride?" RJ stood. "I will." "RJ!" Shouted Alanis. "You would give her a ride?!" "Well" said RJ. "I kinda like her." Tura smiled. Alanis stood up and was about to bring her light saber down on Tura when Tura ducked. Tura swung around and Knocked Alanis's Lightsaber out of her hands. Alanis ducked and grabbed her saber but RJ grabbed Tura and pulled her to the I-wing. X stood up Blocking the way. RJ pulled out New guns. Tura got ready. Sam Got her lightsaber. Alanis Came up to. Alanis tried to Cut down RJ, But Tura blocked the blow. RJ pushed sam down and Pulled Tura to The I-wing. They got in and flew off. Tura saw X shaking his fist and Alanis Glaring at them. "How old are you?" Asked Tura. "I am 13." said RJ. "And you know how to fly a ship?" "Yep. How old are you?" "11." said Tura. "You fight really well for 11." "Yep." Said Tura. "Where do you want to go?" asked RJ. "Away," "Away?" "Away from the dark side." "Do you want to go to the Jedi school?" "Howd you guess?" "Well When you don't want to be on the Dark side you usually want the opposite." "Are you going to Jedi school?" asked Tura. "No," said RJ. "I just want to be a good guy. I've had enough of the darkside." --Gaboo.

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