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SVMR: EP. 9 SE. 1 by cheeriosandlegos

Created 09 May 2014
  • SVMR: EP. 9 SE. 1

[Role Play] Darin walked over to the pinned Cassus. “It looks like we won’t be your victims this time, Cassus!” he stated. Cassus just snorted as he tried to squirm his way out from under the boulder. We proceeded out of the room and out into the hall, as we made our way back to the tunnels entrance. Suddenly, the door to the passage we had just been down exploded. The boulder that had once held Cassus came flying out. Cassus burst out in a terrible rage. We began to run, but Cassus tossed another boulder at the ceiling, causing the way out to collapse. We immediately turned around and headed the other direction, with Cassus close behind us. We made our way down a passage at the end of the hall. The EMC troopers spun around as soon as we were all through the passage. The blasted the supports above the doorway, causing it to collapse. We were safe from Cassus. We proceeded out of the passage. It led to an old landing platform overlooking the white cloud surface of Mandalore; it was beautiful. “X, do you have the slave chip for my speeder?” I asked. “Sure do!” X responded as he pressed a button on the slave chip. “That was some real bravery you showed there, kid,” G-Nik told Leah; Leah smiled. My airspeeder landed on the platform and we boarded it. It was over; Darin and his men were saved. “So, how many honorary medals are we at now?” I joked; We all laughed. [Role Play Over] Okay, that's it! That's all I have written out right now! :P We can comment for RP now. Also, Mods, why aren't my screen-shots working? I check all the requirements, and everything's fine, but when I go to load them, they load, then it says I have no file selected!!!! I need screen-shots to post my RP rules and stuff! Please fix this! Also, is Lego gonna have their Yoda Chronicles episodes on this site for people like me who don't have cable TV? Or will we just have to wait for the whole season comes out after everyone else has already watched it? Please answer! God Bless~ Sand :)

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