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Imperial Squad 12191, Episode 3, Part 1 by b3t6

Created 04 Dec 2013
  • Imperial Squad 12191, Episode 3, Part 1

"Do you have any ships I can use?" Asked Lo. "No. But even if we did, the Rebels would stop you." Replied Echaak. Then Lo heard a ship above. He looked up and saw a X4 Assault Gunship. "Ohhh no... That can't be good..." Murmured Lo. "Have a nice trip back to your cell." Declared Echaak, taking out a DL-22 blaster pistol. "What?!" Cried Lo alarmed. He quickly took out his SE-14r blaster pistol. Echaak pulled the trigger and almost shot Lo, if it weren't for his bad aim. Lo shot his SE-14r at Echaak, hitting him in the leg. "Bye 'pal'." Murmured Lo while walking away. He ran into the swamps, watching the skies carefully for the gunship. Then he was knocked flat on his face. He looked around and saw a spot on the ground where a heavy blaster turret on the X4 had shot. He got and ran, not stopping for anything. Then he felt a sting in his left leg, and blacked out.******* Dez woke up in a cell. He was on the same space station as Jobs and Lo had been. He looked around his cell, remembering his training. Nothing he could use to aid him in escaping was there. He fell back unconscious.******* Jobs was horrified of needles ever since an incident when he was 9... "Now, name and rank." Demanded the officer once again. "Sgt. Jobs, Imperial Squad number 1-2-1-9-1." Said Jobs quickly. "Ahhh. Good, now we're making progress. That's all we need right now." Replied the officer, signalling to someone. A guard walked into the room where Jobs was and unchained him from the chair, putting electric handcuffs back on. "Move." Ordered the guard. The guard took Jobs down the hall to his cell. "In." Commanded the guard. "No." Replied Jobs, grabbing the guard and shocking him with the handcuffs. The guard shot his gun right as Jobs put the handcuffs in front of it. Bang! The handcuffs were off. Jobs picked up the guard's DH-17 blaster rifle and ran down the corridor. He peered around the corner seeing 2 Rebels running to where they had heard the blaster shot. Jobs quickly whipped around the corner and shot 2 lasers, both hitting their mark. Jobs remembered his training and took a holograph of the ship out of one of the Rebel's pockets. He glanced at where the engine room was and put the holograph back. He ran back to the cells and saw Dez in one of them. Jobs blasted the controls to the laser door and ran in. "Dez! You alright?" Asked Jobs. "Uhghhh..." Groaned Dez. "I take that as a yes." Replied Jobs, helping him up. He helped him out of the cells and down the corridor. He picked up the holograph again and looked at where the escape pods were. "Okay, first things first. I'm getting you off of here." Murmured Jobs. Dez was unconscious so he didn't reply. Jobs hurriedly ran down the hall while supporting Dez. He saw the escape pods. "In ya go." Said Jobs dropping Dez in one of them. "Well Dez, ya know what I gotta do. Goodbye old pal." Said Jobs, closing the doors to the pod and launching it. He watched the pod with Dez in it fall to the planet below, Dagobah. It would be the last time he'd ever see Dez.

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