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LWAS epi. 5 by Legoking5500

Created 10 Feb 2014
  • LWAS epi. 5

Jay sat at the table picking at his food. He was thinking about Tura... where was she? He knew she had falling out of the Republic shuttle, but he sensed she was still alive... somewhere. He knew a-lot of people and was popular with the Padawan. He knew that Ethes felt strongly towards him, and for a while he thought he felt the same way towards her. But now he knew otherwise, he thought Ethes was a good friend, but he knew that he wasn't in love. Not with Ethes anyways. He knew who he loved. He glanced sideways. Jax was sitting beside him. "How's RJ?" Asked Jay. "I dunno." said Jax, through mouth fulls. "He's awake, but he's hurting." said Alana, who sat across the table from Jax. "I wish I knew for sure that he was going to live." said Jay, "He could be a good Companion..." "And his skill with a gun is unreal!" said Jax. "Yeah," said Ethes, who was on the other side of Jay, "He's good." "He's like Tura," said Alana, "He got the wrong start in life... that's all." "Did you know he was adopted?" asked Ethes. "Really?" said Jay, "I think Tura is too." "That's sad," Said Ethes, "I think it would be sad to be adopted, don't you, Jay?" she said touching Jay's arm and flashing a big smile at him. Jay blushed. "Yeah," he said, "It would be tough." "I'm going to go check on RJ," said Jax, "Any of you want to come?" "I will," said Alana. "Me to" said Jay. "I'll stay here." said Ethes. ******************************************************************** Tura and Sheirik looked around quicker, "AHA!" said Sheirik. She ran over to a huge tarp, under it, was a speeder. "Handy!" said Tura, "C,mon! Lets go!" Sheirik hopped on the back and Tura started it off. The rode off the cliff and sped across the gap. "Yeah!" said Sheirik, "We made it!" Indeed they had, they sped across the sandy ground and flew into the night sky. ******************************************************************** Bartok, (The Green Bounty hunter.) and Zane, (Tura's one footed dad.) flew towards the Jedi Temple. "This is going to be good!" shouted Bartok. "Just what he wants!" "Who's he?" asked Zane. "The guy who's paying us, Maul!" shouted Bartok. "Yes," said, Zane, "But are we going to do this? It is a dangerous task!" "Dangerous Smangerous!" yelled Bartok, "Were getting what we want, he's getting what he wants...the Jedi's might suffer but who cares, this is our life," "Which we might not have much more of if we don't get out of here!" said Zane. "Why are you so against this, you used to be all for following Maul... you are on the Dark side, the side who pays us big time, so chillax!" "The Jedi's aren't just a group of dumb aliens... they are skilled warriors!" "who we are going to destroy!" Shouted Bartok. Just then a lightsaber sliced through the ship. "See!" said Zane, "We've got to get out of here!" "Not on my watch!" Said Bartok, firing a huge laser at the Temple. Then he opened a doo on the ship. "I'm sorry Zane, I really am," he said. "You should be," said Zane, "Now turn this thing a-..." Zane never finished, he was pushed by Bartok, into the army of Jedi. ******************************************************************** RJ, Thought about Tura. He hoped she was okay. There was something about her that just made him want to be friends with her for life. Not in a romantic way of course but he still just... he didn't know. there was just something about her.

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