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Lock n' Load by The-Legend-of-Revanchist

Created 12 Jun 2014
  • Lock n' Load

(Roleplaying Eclipse/Revan) It had been 2 days since the EMC and BRM had taken Mandalore. My men had gathered 13 other guys to join us in our tiny rebellion. "Soldiers, today we are striking a medium guarded EMC weapons warehouse," I explained, "Try your best not to damage any of the weapons, as we will need them. I'll go in first and eliminate the front guards silently. Then we'll insert into the building and take down the guards inside. Understood?" The group nodded solemnly. "Lock n' Load, we're movin' out," I ordered. The troops readied their weapons and we began making our way through the alleys of the city. We reached the target building. "Here's the first part of the plan," I mumbled while signalling a halt. I darted over to the side of the building and peeked around the corner. There were 4 guards. I sneaked behind one of them. I held my saber to his back and ignited it. He fell to the ground as the others saw me. I quickly cut down 2 more, and defeated the last one. I signalled my troops. They quickly darted over and planted explosive on the door. 3... 2... 1. The door burst open in flames and we came in, blasters blazin'. I eliminated 5 of the enemy and watched as the others came to an end by my troops. "Good work men," I said, "Now secure those weapons and move out."

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