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I STILL EXIST!! by Agentpenguin15

Created 21 Aug 2014

Hey everyone, sorry for not being on for ages. I've been busy with some stuff,, and here is some of that stuff: 1: It was my birthday about a week ago so I've been doing stuff with my family and friends 2: School work has been REALLY tight lately and I've been having to study heaps 3: I've been battling a mild depression lately and I'm trying to overcome it, hopefully it doesn't get worse :( But getting better though 4: My own laziness But yeah, hope you guys all understand. I know I've always promised I have heaps of more stuff coming, I do I swear but it's just I've been busy with those four points. Please come and understand, if you do I thank you all. Also, see that picture above? That's gonna be my new update pic! Whenever I upload an update like this, it'll be that pic. If you're wondering, it's also me in Lego! :D Anyways, thanks everyone for being cool and checking out my stuff. Yeah. That's pretty much it. God Bless! :D

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