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Jedi mysteries part 5 by Veronica176

Created 07 Sep 2013
  • Jedi mysteries part 5

Jason sat at another table with a couple other new people. I saw Jaina, han and Leia’s daughter and I saw Amelia. Well, her real name is Allana. Allana is actually Han and Leia’s granddaughter. And then I saw Han and Leia. I heard the curtains open. At first I couldn’t hear Luke but it looked like he was talking. Then it finally started working. “Um.... is this thing even.... Ah! There we go! I called you all here is because we have found some kids here which we found were force sensitive hanging around in the Underworld. The reason only the council and a few of you are here because we are assigning..... Hmm.... let find the right word.... Ah! Masters!” Everybody looked at each other. Teachers? I was barely a Jedi knight and Luke was expecting them to train teenagers! “I will call out the Pad awan’s name and the Jedi their assigned to.” “Conner, Rydel.” “Sparky, Ben.”I looked at Ben. He frowned for some reason. “Jeferr, Jaina.” “Conner, Jaden.” Jaden was Rydel’s older brother. “And last but not least, Jason and Rylee.” I glanced at Jason. He was just sitting there looking at Luke. “Whosever name I just called, please go to the briefing room.” Said Luke. We all got up and headed that way. On the hallway Rydel was talking to me. “OMG! Why is Luke doing this to us! Couldn’t he just assign the Jedi masters like Cilghal!” I just smiled. I could sense her nervousness. I looked in front. Jason was talking to Conner. We reached the briefing room. We all walked around trying to get to know each other. I was talking to Jason. “ you find this interesting?” I asked him. Jason smiled. “Do you think it is?” I laughed and said, “Anything to keep the galaxy safe!” he laughed. Suddenly, a hologram of Aurra Sing appeared. “Hellow, young Jedi knights!” she said. Jaden scowled. “What do you want Aurra!” I whispered to Rydel, “What’s up with him?” She whispered back, “Tell ya later.” I nodded. “All we want is the holocron, dear.’ P.s sorry but i couldn't upload the original photo. (BC: Help!) = ) mods plz except it is star wars related for about 100%

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