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Created 01 Oct 2013

LEGO STAR WARS BANK ROBBERY. Chap 1. HELP!, It was a busy day in the Bank of the Republic. Like always, everyday was a bad day. I got hired a few weeks ago because first: I didn't have a job, second: I had no money, third: I was tired of my parents shouting at me,"GET A JOB" after I graduated from college. At first, I thought I would be one of those people who dressed nice, were very important, and had lots of money. Turned out, I was garbage boy. Now I'm here, making my way to the back of the building while getting sneered at and picking up trash that lazy people couldn't throw in the trash themselves. As I pushed the back door opened, I muttered to my self," idiots". I walked toward a big, filthy trash bin, opened the lid, and threw the big garbage bag in the bin. I shut the trash bin closed and walked over to the back door. I turned the handle but as I turned it, I heard a click. I quickly realized that somebody locked me out. I looked through the window of the door and saw a person laughing at me. I saw other people coming and laughing at me to. I banged on the door but nobody unlocked it. I was now mad. I looked in my pocket and pulled out a rock. I saw the faces exchange to a surprise look and banged the rock against the handle of the door. The handle came off and the lock got destroyed to. I swung the door open and heard it bang against the wall with a loud THUD. I saw surprised faces, angry faces, and faces that had no emotion on them while walking to the front of the bank. I saw the manager and walked toward him. I began to talk to him about what happened but then something black caught my eye. I turned my head and saw two black vans riding to the front of the bank. I stopped speaking and saw about 15-20 men with black helmets wearing black suits jumping out of the van, equipped with mid sized blasters. At first I thought they were special ops sent by the Jedi council until I saw a black and white separatist badge on one of the men. I saw one of the men pull out a grenade and chucked it toward the iron doors. I said, " Look out!" And took cover behind a desk. 2 and a half seconds later... BOOM!. The iron doors came flying off and landing with a loud crash. I peaked behind the desk and saw the men entering the bank. I looked around for the 'silent alarm' and found it attached to the desk. I pounded the alarm. A loud siren came flowing around the building and I was in total confusion. I guess that some stupid person painted the regular alarm white and wrote 'silent alarm'. I face palmed my self and got up. I ran to the back of the bank as lazers came whirring behind me hitting the wall and missing me. I dove in a room and shut the door behind me. I clearly didn't know where I was but then saw a sign saying 'WEAPONS PROTECTION ROOM'. I never knew we had a weapons room but looked around the room in awe as I saw all sorts of big and powerful weapons. I grinned and got up and started to prepare my self for the big shootout ahead of me...... Made by Blazer6284

tags: bank, robbery
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