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My Roleplay!! by SiriTachiFan

Created 23 Sep 2013
  • My Roleplay!!

Hey people! I'm making a roleplay! It's simple You can make your own locations ( put the tag stfrpl which stands for SiriTachiFan's Roleplay Locations ) Make your own bio ( put the tag stfrpb WHICH stands for SiriTachiFan's Roleplay Bios) You can be any species you want. BUT... The only things you can be at first is : Pilot Shop Owner Ship Part Dealer (Only on Tatooine as your Homeworld) Ship Dealer Bounty Hunter Neutral StormTrooper ARCTrooper CloneTrooper SithTrooper Got it? You start out with 100 Republic credits. But if your a Storm or Sith Trooper, it's Sith Credits. Ok, I gotta get back to home-schooling, I'll update later. God Bless and Jesus Saves! --The Tachi--

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