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In the Thick of Things Again: Chapter 2 by BrickMan6851

Created 09 Sep 2013
  • In the Thick of Things Again: Chapter 2

[Author's note: ARCTrooper2621 suggested I have a poster for this story to make it easier to find. I liked the idea, but I wanted the main picture to relate to each part, so I compromised. A red Galactic Empire symbol will now be in the top left corner of every picture. Another note: Since I can't do italics here, I'm using 'these' for words that are thought, but not spoken. Enjoy!] 'A night like tonight was the kind of night when you're supposed to go out and enjoy yourself' I mused glumly as I meandered down the long hallway, going from nowhere, to nowhere, it seemed. That was the way it had been for as long as I could remember. Simultaneously, I came to the end of the hallway and a conclusion. 'Some people are free. Some people are not.' I decided. I turned the corner. I nearly walked into three outlandishly dressed intruders. One of them, brown-haired and wearing battered grey blast armor, was bent over a well-worn datapad. Two others stood idly by, both sporting brown spacers' leather and black robes that seemed familiar to me. "Hey!" I interrupted, raising my blaster, "what are you doing? Who are you?" The three strangers froze. "I thought you said they're weren't any stormtroopers around." one of the robed figures recalled. "I have been wrong before." returned the brown-haired man from where he knelt in front of the Scomp-link. "Well?" I demanded, my finger tightening around the trigger. "So much for stealth!" decided one of the robed men, drawing two green lightsabers as he flipped into the air, landing easily behind me. I turned in astonishment, not believing what I had seen. The Jedi were still alive. His black clad counterpart produced a similar but unmatched pair. Blue and green lightsabers lit his steely countenance. I was starting to become uneasy. Just because they had lightsabers and force abilities didn't make them Jedi, and even if they were Jedi, that didn't mean they were on my side. "We can't just cut him in half. He's an innocent life." the wielder of the blue and green lightsabers reminded his friend. "Yes, of course not, but you didn't have to tell him-- oof!" An unexpected stun blast hit him in the face. It'd been years since I'd been in a good fight, and anyway, I wasn't going to stand around like a dazed Jawa while these people debated my fate. I turned to stun the others, too, but the man with the colorful lighsabers made a gesture in my direction, and the gun flew out of my hands. A second shove slammed me into the wall. The blonde man returned the sabers to his belt as he approached me. He reached out his hand and spoke in an authoritative voice. "You will not tell anyone of this encounter." It suddenly occurred to me what a good idea it would be to not tell anyone of this encounter. But then the notion faded. I looked at him blankly. "Sure I will." I replied. He frowned pensively. "It's.. been a while since I've actually done one of these things.." he admitted hesitantly. He raised his hand to try again, but the hiss of a door opening interrupted his second attempt. All three of us turned to see whose footsteps were echoing down the long hall. "Kt-6851, what's with all the noise --" Steel stopped at the end of the hall, noticing the two strangers. "Intruders!" he shouted.

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