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More Mysterious Things... by Legogeek2299

Created 12 Jun 2014
  • More Mysterious Things...

(Role Play) I walked out of the Triple A Hotel briskly. Darin had asked me to prepare the Vanquisher. I took out my comlink and contacted Greg. "Prepare the crew for my arrival," i said. "Yes, sir." said Greg. I walked to a BRM speeder and raced to the docks. As I dismounted the speeder, Greg walked up to me. "Sir, the crew is ready." "Good." I walked with Greg to the boarding ramp. Compared to the EMC destroyers, the Vanquisher was normal size, but she boasted enough firepower to blow a small moon to space dust. When I came on the bridge, BRM members and a few 501st and EMC saluted me. "Is she fueled up." I asked. "She is ready to roll." Greg assured me. Suddenly, a greasy looking BRM officer approached us. "We have a bit of a problem in the engine room." He shakily said. He eyed me, wearily. I had no reputation of exploding on officers, but I made sure we had harmony on this craft. "What's seems to be the problem?" I asked. He swallowed nervously and then said; "I fear there is a bomb in the engine room," My eyes widened. "Show me," i demanded. We made our way to the engine room, with Greg following me. When we reached the engine room, I saw nothing suspicious. The officer then pointed to a large dome on the roof. It had a blinking red light. It suddenly started beeping. "Get down!" I yelled. The bomb did not explode. Instead, it gave a strange hiss and opened. 3 reptilian creatures came out. They were about 2 feet long and could walk on the roof. They drooped to the floor, raised their heads and coiled their bodies. Their fangs glistened in the light and I saw a drop of venom on the tips of the fangs. Then, they lurched forward... (Role Play) Max; this could be when you board the Vanquisher. Feel free to write about it.

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