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Agentsky Lego SW Roleplay! Simple Rules by agentsky1022

Created 16 Sep 2013
  • Agentsky Lego SW Roleplay! Simple Rules

This is a Roleplay- a game where users take on the roles of different characters and interact with other users. After choosing your Role (see below) you may create new scenes for users to play and battle in, trade, and survive. Look for my new help creations coming soon such as: 1. Creating Characters- Examples. 2. Creating Scenes and Areas- Examples. 3. Advanced Rules. Here Are the basic rules for creating a Role/character. 1. Post your role in a creation, with the words 'Roleplay Bio' somewhere in the title and 'ASRPC' (Agentsky Roleplay Character) somewhere in the tags. 2. Include at least one picture of your role (either a drawing or a minifigure or animated minifugre) 3. Give a bio in the description like this: Name: (Place name here) Homeworld: (This is the planet you are from. If the planet you choose is not already a Roleplay location, post one ASAP (See Making Locations below) as this is where you start the game) Permanent Weapon: (You can leave this blank if you want. This is your weapon you start with at the beginning of the game. It may not be sold, lost, or stolen.) Other things: (Is your character a Jedi? Was she/he/it an Orphan? Anything extra put it down here.) Here are the basic rules for making a location: 1. Post the location in a creation, with the words ROLEPLAY AREA somewhere in the title and ASRPL somewhere in the tags. 2. Upload some scenery from the area you choose made out of lego bricks, like any other creation you would post. Make sure not to use your minifigure in the picture, though. 3. You may not upload locations until you have a character. 4. You must say the name of the location and the name of the planet, as well as if the air is okay for humans and if it is in space or on land. Basic Rules for roleplaying: Start on your homeworld. You stat with 50$. Remember that. You may only have three actions per day. Put your actions in the comments, with two of these: *. Taking passage from one planet to another requires 5$, unless you have your own starship. You can buy them at certain locations uploaded by me. If you smash, you may not take any more actions for the rest of the day. However, you may either respawn your character at your homeworld tomorrow, or just make a new character and delete the old one. Example: JediKnight52: *I spawn on my homeworld* Hi guys! RandomTrader53: I'll sell you this weapon I got from the trading post for 5$. It's a purple lightsaber. JediKnight52: *I hand him 5$* RandomTrader53: *I give him the Saber.* (JediKnight52 now has 45 dollars, and one extra weapon besides his permanant one) JediKnight52: *I move to the trading post location* (JediKnight52 has used up all three actions, so he may no longer roleplay, other than just talking. However, he can only talk at teh trading post, because that is the topic he moved to. It was the same planet, so the movement was free. Tommorow he can use three more actions at the trading post, unless he uses some to move around.) It's a little confusing, but there'll be more help topics soon. Now let's get Roleplaying! I'll make my Role/Minifigure soon, as well as a few locations to start you out.

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