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Nominate by RebelLeader1442

Created 18 Dec 2013
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Hey oldies and newies! On Hevy-Hardcase's creation reunion we are nominating people for 7 poistions for a council. The poistions are stopmotions, guns, comics, customs, building, miniseries and the president over all. Then after everyone is nominated we will vote. But for now please nominate.Here's the list of nominated users: President: HH; Miniseries: ClonetrooperCobb, Agentsky1022, & ARCTrooper2621; Comics: Cimpan12 and RebelLeader1442 (me); Building: Oku_Finn, Legoking5500, and Hoppermath; Customs: Optimus-Prime27 (This is Jinju11 on a new account.); Weapons: -Starkiller-; Stopmotion: CommanderCody4873 & Agentsky1022

Number of creations: 195665